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corporate photography and videography case study

Full-Service Photography and Videography at SilkRoad's User Conference

Client: SilkRoad, an HR software solutions company.

Engagement: SilkRoad hires Mark and his team to extensively document their annual 4-day user conference with photo and video, including:

  • Recording general sessions each morning

  • Producing daily highlight reels

  • Capturing the conference details with both photos and B-roll video footage, including location exteriors, signage, registration, breakout sessions, and evening receptions (both on- and off-site)

  • Updating executive team headshots

  • Recording and editing 15-20 customer success interviews that include a full production setup and a professional hair & makeup artist

MCP has worked with SilkRoad on this event for the past four years, and is currently under contract for 2018 and 2019's user conferences as well. 

Strategy: Planning begins with a strategy session with SilkRoad's team. During this session, we prioritize the sessions to cover, discuss SilkRoad's preferences for event coverage, and review their goals. With this valuable input, our four-person team outlines how to achieve those goals in an innovative way that will complement SilkRoad's high-tech, forward-thinking ethos. We also map out the nitty-gritty details like renting and coordinating gear pickup for the whole team. To prepare for the conference, we arrive a day early and:

  • Pick up rented and shipped equipment

  • Set up the customer success interview suite

  • Optimize the on-site equipment

  • Dedicate a media manager to ensure that footage is smoothly transferred to backup hard drives

Deliverables: At the close of the conference, SilkRoad's team receives a hard drive with all of the raw footage. Once edited and finalized, all images and video footage are then uploaded to the cloud, including:

  • All of the high-resolution, post-processed, and color-corrected images

  • Retouched high-resolution versions of the executive team's headshots

  • Over 20 two-to-three minute final videos

  • Three daily highlight reels and one overall highlight reel

Results: SilkRoad's annual user conference generates over $2 million in add-on business opportunities. Our documentation continues to help them capitalize on those opportunities and reach out to their existing customer base. It also creates an exciting, in-the-moment connection with attendees during the conference.

  • Highlight reels and B-roll footage feed the daily enthusiasm of the crowd when they are shown at the start of each day. John Westby, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, says, "The videos produced onsite really lend an element of polish to our event—people loved to see themselves in the morning after an evening activity."

  • Videos and photos are used in event recaps and promotions for the next conference, but they're especially helpful as an ongoing branding element for SilkRoad in their marketing materials and on their organization's career pages. Ann Leach, Director, Customer Marketing, appreciates that "we're able to showcase our own customers and employees in our marketing materials, rather than relying solely on stock imagery."

  • Customer success videos are a valuable source of insight to current and potential customers, and SilkRoad is able to release them over the following months to support their marketing goals. For example, Mark's team filmed this customer success video at the conference and it is now featured on SilkRoad's website.




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